Our philosophy drives us to constantly invest in providing easy, modern, intuitive and transparent technology consultancy.

For this reason, we have studied, developed and perfected S-Info, an interactive and comprehensive analysis system that allows you to optimally manage and monitor all the energy aspects of your company – with total autonomy.
This allows us to offer a dynamic tool, which is always updated and customisable: a platform tailored to you.

By accessing our portal, you can independently view your consumption, energy costs, meter data as well as extrapolate risk management analyses, efficiency data and automatically calculate the energy pre-invoice that you will have to bear based on consumption.

The platform is constantly developing: our technicians are constantly working to implement and integrate new aspects and updates that offer an even better experience.

How to access S-Info

How to access S-Info All our customers have access to the platform thanks to the login details that we provide directly; if you are already our customer, all you have to do is enter your username and password on this page to be able to enter S-Info. If, on the other hand, you are not yet our customer but you want to know more, contact us without any obligation!