Optimisation of energy costs and contracts

Our main objective is to reduce your company's energy costs: to optimise energy costs effectively, we implement an innovative approach based on the daily monitoring of the main trading platforms of the energy markets; we organise online tenders to ensure maximum competition and transparency between supplier offers, we carry out invoice control, and we take care of overseeing the procedures for obtaining tax benefits and verifying contractual clauses to always protect our customers to the maximum.

Ours is the best possible advice in this complex and risky sector that, if approached with skill, experience and innovative tools, also offers savings opportunities.

The interventions that we put in place are:

Data analysis

We analyse all historical and forecast consumption data and optimise supply parameters.

Market analysis – Risk Management

We analyse all historical and forecast consumption data and optimise supply parameters. Market analysis – Risk Management We monitor the main European energy platforms to intercept the time point at which the market meets the financial needs of the customer. Purchasing through the Portfolio allows the fixing of quantities of energy for variable periods and quantities, limiting the risk of a single purchase by seizing the best opportunities that the market offers, minimising energy expenditure.

Search and analysis of offers

We research and analyse different offers that correspond to the consumption needs of your company and identify the best proposal according to your needs.

Contract control and consultancy

We check your supply contract and provide you with regulatory and technical advice for its analysis and/or signing.

Invoice control

We check the invoices of your company, paying special attention to the compliance of savings according to the contractual parameters.

Cost comparison

We compare in detail the amounts paid on the invoice and the prices of the other supply offers analysed in the tender.

Certification of savings

As a result of the supply negotiated through S-Info, we compare the savings achieved with respect to the offers of the suppliers rejected during the tender phase and the offer of the outgoing supplier.

Relationship and Procedure Management

We quickly and efficiently handle all reports and proceedings to be submitted to the Customs and Monopolies Agency, in particular all those relating to excise duty exemptions and refunds.

Interruptibility bands

Defence programme of the national electricity network which, for a fee resulting from an auction, provides for the interruption of the chosen electrical loads, available to users of the programme. We participate, on behalf of the customer, in the marginal price tenders organised by Terna at various intervals and manage the relevant contract.

Energy-intensive practices

We assist companies entitled to manage relationships with the Energy and Environmental Services Fund (CSEA) by checking the proper management of the facilitation by the energy supplier.

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